Frequently Asked Questions

  1. For how long will this helpline be available?
    This helpline can be availed by buying monthly packages with the validity of 1–3 months, and a varying number of calls. The smallest package that you can purchase has the validity of 1 month and includes 50 calls. The availability of the service depends on the validity of the subscription package bought by you.
  2. What are the payment terms?
    This is a prepaid model. 100% of the amount has to be paid in advance before availing the service.
  3. What happens if the total number of calls bought are not all used during the subscription period? Will the company be eligible for a refund?
    The calls expire once the validity of the subscription package ends. Customers can choose to start with a longer subscription period and a low number of calls and add more calls based on their usage.
    However, there is no refund.
  4. What happens if all the calls have been used and I still have subscription validity?
    You can buy more calls, as and when needed, as long as the subscription is still valid.
  5. Will the company be notified about the usage of the calls? When will the notification be sent and what information will it have?The customer will receive weekly notifications on the usage of the calls. The notification will only have information on the number of calls used and the balance left, no other information is shared.Timely notifications would also be sent to the customer to remind them of service renewal once they have exhausted a substantial amount of their calls. For example, if the customer has bought a package of 50 calls, they will be sent a reminder notification once 35 calls have been used.
  6. How soon can we start this helpline? Is there an agreement we need to sign?
    The helpline can be started within 3 working days from the receipt of payment. Yes, an agreement needs to be signed for this service.
  7. Who will answer the calls?
    A trained and qualified counsellor from our team will answer the call.
  8. What are the other modes of counselling open here — telephonic/ online/video in the absence of in-person counselling?
    We provide only telephonic support for this helpline service.
  9. How do you ensure that people will get through? Will they have to wait to get access to a counsellor?
    All our lines are manned by a team of dedicated professionals who will put you in touch with a psychological counselling expert after you’ve provided them with your phone number and company code.
    We use technology to drive our services and have provided for multiple lines for easy and quick access to our callers. However, in case of rare and unforeseen situation when the call volume is high, we would make alternate arrangements to provide quick counselling service to all the users within shortest possible time.
  10. Will you provide regional language support for this helpline?
    Since the response is almost immediate, we support only English & Hindi.
  11. What will be the timings of this helpline—is this available 24/7?
    No. This helpline will be available from 9 am to 8 pm on all working days.
  12. How do you authenticate the users to be employees of our organisation?
    At the time of registration, the users will be asked to provide an IVR code (company code). This code will be unique for every organisation and help us authenticate the employees.
  13. Will you register our users? What is the process for registration of the users?
    We encourage the employees to register themselves by accessing our website. The company code and employee’s phone number are mandatory during the registration.After the submission of these details, an OTP would be sent from us to the user for authenticating the profile.
    However, in cases where the employee has not registered on the website but directly called on the toll-free number for counselling, we will ask the aforementioned details and register them.
  14. What if someone calls asking for a doctor/support on physical health, would that still be counted as a session/ call? Would you share general helpline numbers for medical/other related support, etc? / Will you have a doctor on call?
    We are offering an emotional helpline and hence, will not be providing any information pertaining to the medical advisory, etc. and we do not have a doctor on call. Such calls will not be counted as sessions.
  15. How big is 1to1help? Does it have the bandwidth to handle the volume/ inflow of calls/congestion due to incoming calls?
    1to1help is India’s first and largest emotional wellness company. We have 19+ years of rich experience in this field. In the last 19 years, we have conducted over 5 lakh counselling sessions, touching 1.7 million lives. 1to1help most certainly has the bandwidth to handle the anticipated call volume, owing to the panic around COVID-19.
  16. Will 1to1help share an MIS with us? What will be the frequency of it? Do you have a cap on the number of calls/ sessions per employee (and his family)? For example, under EAP we have a 6-session model. What’s the model here?
    No MIS / reporting is provided. This is a pre-paid model. Once the subscription/calls are over, the employer can buy a top-up on the site. There is no cap on the number of calls per employee.
  17. Will 1to1help capture feedback? Will the feedback be shared as part of the MIS, with the organisation? How do I know that my employees have benefitted from his emotional helpline?
    We will capture the feedback of calls to help improve our services. However, given the nature of this service, it’s not possible to comment on how an employee would have benefitted from this service.
  18. Do you have COVID-19 related videos/content on the COVID-19 microsite? Do users have access to it?
    Yes, we do have content in the form of articles/webinars, etc. on the COVID microsite and yes, the access will be open to all registered users.
  19. What kind of issues will you address through this helpline?
    We will address all issues pertaining to the emotional and mental well-being aspects of COVID-19 such as stress arising from WFH in the form of issues like domestic violence, stress, time management, anxiety, panic, grief, vulnerability. Our counsellors have been specially trained for this helpline.
  20. Will you support us in launching and popularizing this helpline and if yes, what kind of support?
    One launch mailer (soft copy) will be sent to you along with invites for webinars and links for articles on the site. The launch mailer will give employees the helpline number/ code for accessing the helpline.
  21. Will people be referred to outside resources (a psychiatrist) if they have a mental health issue?
    Yes, if needed, we will make a referral to a psychiatrist.