About us

1to1help is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Prevention of Sexual Harrassment (POSH) service provider with a reputation for quality with integrity. Supporting organizations that are working towards Employee Wellness (through EAP offerings), workplace safety (through POSH offerings) and support to expectant mothers (through Healthy Maternity offerings).

  • We are India’s pioneer and leading EAP specialist with over 18 years of experience, serving 400+ companies 
  • We have catered to about 1.7 million employees
  • We have Saved 25000 Lives, And Bettered 125000 
  • We have collectively delivered over a million counselling and wellness sessions
  • We have an in-house pool of over 250 counsellors, across 55 locations, all over India
Corporate Head Office:
1to1help.net Pvt. Ltd.
2728, Adjacent to ADE Compound,
80 Feet Road (CMH Road Junction),
Bangalore 560 038
Call us at:
1800 270 1790